Gene Mulvihill Net Worth and Bio, Age, Height & Cause of Death

Gene Mulvihill net worth and Biography

Eugene “Gene” Mulvihill was a prominent American businessman and developer, best known for owning Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Golf Resort in New Jersey. Born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey, Gene had a significant impact on the local business landscape. He passed away on October 27, 2012.

Mulvihill was a Lehigh University graduate who later served in the U.S. Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Captain. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in various fields, including cellular broadcast, cancer drugs, robotics, and real estate development. Despite early financial struggles, including the bankruptcy of his Vernon Valley Ski Area, he demonstrated resilience and risk-taking by creating the infamous Action Park in 1978, which featured a variety of attractions like an alpine slide, water slides, and a go-kart track. Despite its initial success, the park faced severe challenges, including fatalities and legal issues, leading to its eventual sale to Intrawest, which now operates it as Mountain Creek Waterpark.

Gene Mulvihill Age

Gene Mulvihill’s exact birthdate is not publicly known, making it difficult to determine his precise age or astrological sign. Despite this, it’s clear that his entrepreneurial journey was marked by significant achievements and challenges from a young age.

Gene Mulvihill Height

Information about Gene Mulvihill’s height is not readily available. However, his professional stature as a successful entrepreneur and developer in New Jersey is well-documented.

Gene Mulvihill Wife

Gene Mulvihill was married to Gail, and together they had six children. Known for maintaining a private personal life, Gene and Gail’s marriage was marked by stability and happiness, with no publicized disputes. Gene was also a devoted father and grandfather, with 16 grandchildren who continue his legacy.

Gene Mulvihill Children

Gene Mulvihill and his wife Gail were blessed with six children and 16 grandchildren. Despite his passing, his family continues to grow and thrive, keeping his memory alive.

Gene Mulvihill Cause of Death

Gene Mulvihill passed away on October 27, 2012, at the age of 78. The specific cause of his death remains unknown, though his passing was a significant event for those who knew him and his contributions to business and community development.

Gene Mulvihill Net Worth

Gene Mulvihill net worth remains undisclosed, but his varied investments and business ventures suggest he amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. Despite the setbacks, including the closure and sale of Action Park, Gene’s legacy includes significant contributions to Wall Street and various industries. For the latest updates on Gene Mulvihill net worth, further research and current financial disclosures would be required.

FAQ About Gene Mulvihill Net Worth

Who was Gene Mulvihill?

Gene Mulvihill was a trailblazer in the mutual fund industry, a venture capitalist, and a financier with a notable career across various sectors, including cellular broadcasting, cancer treatments, robotics, MRI technology, amusement park innovations, ranching, and real estate development.


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