Where is Allen Lafferty Now? The Tragic Story and His Life Today

Where is Allen Lafferty now

Allen Lafferty, born to Watson Lafferty Sr. and Claudine Lafferty, has worked as a tiler since a young age. Raised in a devout family, Allen’s life took a dark turn after meeting Brenda Wright, a broadcast journalism student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

The Tragic Events of 1984

On April 22, 1982, Allen Lafferty married Brenda Wright at the Salt Lake Temple. Their daughter Erica was born on April 28, 1983. On July 24, 1984, Allen left for work early in the morning. Upon returning home, he discovered the bodies of his wife and daughter. Initially a suspect, Allen was later cleared when it was revealed that his brothers, Ron and Dan Lafferty, were responsible for the murders.

What Happened to Brenda Wright and Erica Lafferty?

Brenda Wright and her daughter Erica were tragically killed by Ron and Dan Lafferty. Ron strangled Brenda and slit her throat, while Dan slit Erica’s throat. The brothers claimed that they were following divine orders.

The Fate of Ron and Dan Lafferty

Dan Lafferty was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and several other felonies. He received two life sentences and is currently serving his time in Utah’s state prison. Ron Lafferty was convicted in 1985 and sentenced to death but died of natural causes in 2019 while awaiting execution.

Allen Lafferty’s Life After the Tragedy

Despite the devastating loss of his wife and daughter, Allen Lafferty eventually rebuilt his life. He remarried, started a new family, and transitioned into a career as a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker in Saratoga Springs, Utah. According to Cinemaholic, Allen remains devoted to the LDS Church and is an active participant in his local congregation.

Under the Banner of Heaven: A True Crime Adaptation

The story of the Lafferty family was brought to a wider audience through the true crime drama miniseries “Under the Banner of Heaven,” created by Dustin Lance Black. Based on Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction book, the series follows Detective Jeb Pyre as he investigates the brutal murders of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her daughter, uncovering disturbing truths about the origins of the LDS Church and the consequences of fanaticism.

FAQs About Allen Lafferty – Where is Allen Lafferty Now?

What happened to Allen Lafferty?

On July 24, 1984, Allen Lafferty returned home to find his wife Brenda and daughter Erica murdered. His brothers Ron and Dan Lafferty were later convicted for the killings.

Who was Allen Lafferty married to?

Allen Lafferty was married to Brenda Wright, a broadcast journalism major with dreams of becoming a news anchor.

How old is Allen Lafferty now?

Allen Lafferty is currently 64 years old. After the tragic events, he started a new family and continues to live in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Is Allen Lafferty a fundamentalist?

While the movie portrays Allen Lafferty as a former fundamentalist, in real life, he remains devoted to the LDS Church.

What happened to the Lafferty brothers?

Ron Lafferty died of natural causes in 2019 while awaiting execution. Dan Lafferty is serving a life sentence in Utah’s state prison without the possibility of parole.

Conclusion – Where is Allen Lafferty now

Allen Lafferty’s life was forever changed by the tragic murders of his wife and daughter. Despite this, he has managed to rebuild and find a new purpose as a motivational speaker and lifestyle coach, continuing to uphold his faith and dedication to the LDS Church.

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