New Songs in Ghana 2021

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New Songs in Ghana 2021

Ghana’s music scene in 2021 was vibrant and diverse, showcasing a mix of traditional rhythms, modern beats, and innovative sounds. As artists continued to push boundaries and explore new genres, fans were treated to a plethora of fresh and exciting tracks. This article delves into the new songs in Ghana 2021 that made waves, capturing the essence of the country’s dynamic musical landscape.

The Rise of New Hits

The year 2021 saw the emergence of several new hits that quickly became anthems. From Afrobeats to highlife, Ghanaian artists released tracks resonating with local and international audiences. Here are some standout new songs in Ghana 2021 that defined the year:

1. “Sore” Remix by Yaw Tog ft. Stormzy & Kwesi Arthur

Yaw Tog’s “Sore” remix featuring UK rapper Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur was a major hit in 2021. The track, originally released in 2020, received a fresh twist with the remix, propelling it to new heights. The song’s energetic beat and catchy lyrics made it an instant favorite, cementing Yaw Tog’s status as a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene.

2. “Mood” by Mr Drew

Mr Drew continued to make waves in 2021 with his hit single “Mood.” The track’s infectious rhythm and smooth vocals showcased Mr Drew’s versatility as an artist. “Mood” quickly became a staple on dance floors and radio stations across Ghana, solidifying Mr Drew’s reputation as a talented and innovative musician.

3. “Second Sermon” by Black Sherif

Black Sherif’s “Second Sermon” was another standout track in 2021. The song’s raw and authentic storytelling, combined with its powerful beat, resonated deeply with listeners. Black Sherif’s unique style and honest lyrics set him apart from his peers, making “Second Sermon” one of the most talked-about songs of the year.

Emerging Artists to Watch

2021 was not only about established artists; it also saw the rise of new talents who brought fresh perspectives to the Ghanaian music scene. These emerging artists are poised to make significant impacts in the coming years.

1. Gyakie

Gyakie burst onto the scene with her hit single “Forever,” which continued to gain traction in 2021. Her soulful voice and relatable lyrics have earned her a growing fan base both in Ghana and internationally. Gyakie’s unique blend of Afrobeats and R&B sets her apart, making her one of the most promising new artists of the year.

2. Kweku Flick

Kweku Flick’s “Money” was a major hit in 2021, capturing the struggles and aspirations of young Ghanaians. His distinctive voice and compelling storytelling have made him a standout artist in the industry. Kweku Flick’s ability to connect with his audience through his music has earned him a well-deserved place among Ghana’s rising stars.


The new songs in Ghana 2021 showcased the rich diversity and creativity of the country’s music scene. From chart-topping hits to emerging artists, 2021 was a year of innovation and growth for Ghanaian music. As we look forward to the future, it is clear that Ghana’s musical landscape will continue to thrive, driven by the passion and talent of its artists.

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