Kevin Costner Son: Meet Liam Costner, Biography, Net Worth

Liam Costner, son of veteran American actor Kevin Costner and stepson of American billionaire business mogul William Koch, has always been in the spotlight. Born on November 15, 1996, in the United States to Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney, Liam’s arrival was instantly notable due to his father’s fame. Despite his high-profile background, Liam has managed to maintain a relatively private life.

Early Life and Family Background

Liam Costner’s parents, Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney, separated when he was young and never reunited. Liam grew up in a blended family with six step-siblings. From his father’s first marriage, he has three older step-siblings: Annie, Lily, and Joseph. His father’s second marriage brought him three younger step-siblings: Caden, Hayes, and Grace. Despite the separation of his parents, Liam was born into a world of affluence and fame.

Who Is Liam Costner?

Liam Costner is the 26-year-old son of the acclaimed actor Kevin Costner and stepson of billionaire William Koch. Born into wealth, Liam has navigated life under the shadow of his famous and affluent family. His mother, Bridget Rooney, later married William Koch, adding another layer of wealth and prominence to Liam’s life. Despite the significant age gap between his mother and stepfather, their relationship has been stable and enduring.

Personal Life and Privacy

Liam Costner has chosen a path of privacy, distancing himself from the public eye despite his celebrity background. His parents’ early separation meant he was raised separately from his biological father, Kevin Costner. Kevin and Bridget’s relationship was short-lived, but Liam remained a significant part of both their lives.

Citizenship and Extended Family

Born in the United States, Liam Costner holds American citizenship. His extended family includes several uncles and aunts, alongside his six step-siblings from his father’s previous marriages. While he does not have any full siblings, Liam’s large extended family has played a role in his upbringing.

Professional Life: Real Estate

Contrary to popular belief, Liam Costner did not pursue a career in acting like his father. Instead, he ventured into real estate, focusing on buying and selling properties. His career choice has kept him away from the Hollywood spotlight, allowing him to build a life outside of his father’s shadow.

Relationship Status

Liam Costner has managed to keep his personal relationships out of the public domain. While there are no confirmed reports of his marriage, some online sources suggest he might be married. Regardless, Liam prefers to keep his romantic life private.

Liam Costner’s Net Worth

Estimating Liam Costner’s net worth is challenging due to his private professional life. However, being the son of a wealthy actor and stepson of a billionaire, he is believed to have inherited significant wealth. Reports suggest he might have received around $800 million from his stepfather and a substantial inheritance from his father, Kevin Costner, estimated to be around $40 million.

Liam Costner’s Mother: Bridget Rooney

Bridget Rooney, born in May 1962, is Liam Costner’s mother. She and Kevin Costner never married but shared a brief relationship that resulted in Liam’s birth. Bridget later married William Koch, enhancing her social and financial status. Bridget and William Koch have a daughter named Kaitlin, adding to Liam’s extensive family network.

Liam Costner’s Step-Father: William Koch

William Ingraham Koch, an American billionaire businessman, sailor, and collector, became Liam Costner’s stepfather in 2005. Known for winning the America’s Cup in 1992, William Koch has contributed significantly to Liam’s affluent lifestyle.

Siblings and Extended Family

Liam Costner’s family includes six step-siblings. From his father Kevin’s first marriage, he has Annie, Lily, and Joseph. From Kevin’s second marriage, he has Caden, Hayes, and Grace. Additionally, Liam has a step-sister, Kaitlin, from his mother’s marriage to William Koch. His step-siblings have also made their mark, with Lily and Joseph pursuing acting careers.


Liam Costner’s life, while rooted in fame and wealth, is characterized by a desire for privacy and independence. With a career in real estate and a vast, blended family, Liam continues to navigate his unique path, away from the Hollywood spotlight that defined his father’s career.


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