Top Indie Music Blogs to Follow

Top Indie Music Blogs to Follow

Indie music is a vibrant, diverse world. It’s a space where independent artists create, innovate, and push boundaries.

But how do you navigate this vast landscape? How do you discover new artists and stay updated on indie music trends?

That’s where indie music blogs come in. They are the compass guiding you through the indie music scene.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top indie music blogs you should follow. These blogs are your gateway to the world of independent artists and their music.

Whether you’re an indie music fan, an independent artist, or a music industry professional, you’ll find these blogs invaluable.

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What is Indie Music and Why Follow Indie Music Blogs?

Indie music, short for independent music, is about more than just a genre. It’s a culture, a mindset, a way of doing things.

At its core, indie music is about artists who operate outside the mainstream music industry. These artists create, produce, and distribute their music independently.

But why should you follow indie music blogs? Here are a few reasons:

  • Discover new music: Indie music blogs are treasure troves of new and emerging talent. They introduce you to artists you might not find elsewhere.
  • Stay updated: These blogs keep you informed about the latest indie music news, releases, and trends.
  • Deepen your understanding: Indie music blogs offer in-depth reviews, artist interviews, and insightful articles. They help you appreciate the music on a deeper level.
  • Join a community: Indie music blogs are not just websites. They are communities of music lovers. By following these blogs, you become part of these communities.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to the top indie music blogs you should follow. Let’s dive in.

The Role of Indie Music Blogs in the Music Industry

Indie music blogs play a crucial role in the music industry. They serve as platforms for independent artists to gain exposure and reach a wider audience.

These blogs often feature emerging artists who are not yet signed to major labels. They provide these artists with a platform to showcase their talent, helping them gain recognition and build a fan base.

Moreover, indie music blogs contribute to the music discovery process. They curate playlists, review albums, and report on music news, helping music enthusiasts discover new songs and artists. They also influence music trends and contribute to the cultural conversation around music.

How We Selected the Top Indie Music Blogs

In selecting the top indie music blogs, we considered several factors. We looked at the quality of the content, the frequency of updates, and the level of engagement with the community.

We also considered the diversity of the music genres covered, the blog’s influence on music trends, and its support for emerging artists. The blogs that made our list excel in all these areas, providing a rich and varied experience for indie music fans.

1. Pitchfork’s Indie Section

Pitchfork is a well-known name in the music industry. Their indie section is a treasure trove for indie music fans. It features in-depth reviews, artist interviews, and curated playlists.

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The blog covers a wide range of indie genres. It’s a great place to discover new music and stay updated on the latest indie trends. Pitchfork’s indie section also features exclusive content, making it a must-visit for any indie music enthusiast.

Their regular updates and high-quality content have earned them a loyal following. If you’re an indie music fan, Pitchfork’s indie section is a blog you should follow.

2. Stereogum

Stereogum is another top indie music blog that you should follow. It’s a trusted source for music news, album reviews, and artist interviews.

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The blog is known for its comprehensive coverage of the indie music scene. It features emerging artists and provides insightful commentary on the latest releases. Stereogum also offers exclusive premieres and features, making it a go-to source for indie music fans.

With its regular updates and engaging content, Stereogum has built a strong community of music lovers. It’s a must-follow for anyone interested in indie music.

3. Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is a leading voice in the world of indie music. It offers a mix of news, reviews, and features that cater to a wide range of music tastes.

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The blog’s indie section is particularly noteworthy. It highlights the best in independent music, from emerging artists to established acts. The site also offers in-depth album reviews and artist interviews, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the indie music scene.

With its engaging content and regular updates, Consequence of Sound is a must-follow for indie music enthusiasts.

4. The Fader

The Fader is a music and culture publication known for its cutting-edge coverage. It’s a go-to source for discovering new indie music and understanding the trends shaping the industry.

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The blog features a wide range of content, from in-depth features and interviews to album reviews and music news. It’s particularly known for its artist discovery features, where it spotlights emerging indie artists.

With its finger on the pulse of the indie music scene, The Fader is a must-follow blog for anyone interested in independent music.

5. Tiny Mix Tapes

Tiny Mix Tapes is an indie music blog that offers a unique blend of music news, reviews, and features. It’s a platform that champions independent artists and provides a space for their music to be heard.

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The blog is known for its eclectic taste, covering a wide range of indie genres. It also features a section dedicated to mixtapes, offering curated playlists for music discovery.

If you’re looking for a blog that goes beyond the mainstream, Tiny Mix Tapes is a great choice.

6. Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based indie music blog that has been a staple in the indie music scene since 2005. It’s known for its minimalist design and focus on emerging artists.

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The blog features a mix of music news, album reviews, and artist interviews. It also hosts a monthly radio show, adding another layer to its music discovery platform.

Gorilla vs. Bear is a must-follow for anyone interested in the cutting edge of indie music.

7. Gold Flake Paint

Gold Flake Paint is a UK-based indie music blog that has been sharing music since 2010. It’s known for its in-depth album reviews and artist interviews.

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The blog also publishes a quarterly journal, offering a physical platform for its music coverage. This unique feature sets it apart from many other music blogs.

Gold Flake Paint is a great resource for anyone looking to dive deeper into the indie music scene.

8. The Line of Best Fit

The Line of Best Fit is a UK-based indie music blog that covers a wide range of genres. It’s known for its new music discovery features and in-depth artist interviews.

The Line of Best Fit Homepage Screenshotby Bruno Nascimento (

The blog also hosts live sessions, providing a unique platform for artists to showcase their music. This makes it a must-follow for anyone interested in discovering new indie music.

9. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a music blog that makes finding good music easy. It’s a user-friendly platform that allows you to shuffle through songs based on your mood or genre preference.

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The blog features a wide variety of indie genres, making it a great place for music discovery. With its unique music player and curated playlists, Indie Shuffle offers a unique and engaging music experience.

10. Earmilk

Earmilk is a global music publication that caters to music lovers across the globe. It’s a go-to source for the latest news, reviews, and features on independent artists from various genres.

Earmilk Homepage Screenshotby Luke Chesser (

The blog’s indie section is a treasure trove of new and emerging talent. Earmilk’s commitment to showcasing the best in indie music makes it a must-follow for anyone interested in the indie music scene.

How to Get Featured on an Indie Music Blog

Getting featured on an indie music blog can be a game-changer for independent artists. It can provide exposure, build credibility, and open doors to new opportunities. But how do you get your music in front of these influential tastemakers?

First, do your research. Understand the blog’s music style and audience. Tailor your pitch to match their tone and content. Make sure your music aligns with what they typically feature.

Second, build a compelling story around your music. Blogs are always looking for unique and engaging content. Share your journey, your inspirations, and what sets your music apart. Remember, it’s not just about the music, but the story behind it.

Finally, be professional and persistent. Follow submission guidelines, respect the bloggers’ time, and don’t get discouraged by rejection. Keep refining your approach and continue to create great music. Success in the indie music scene often comes to those who are persistent and patient.

The Future of Indie Music Blogs

The future of indie music blogs looks promising. As technology evolves, so does the way we consume music. Blogs are adapting to these changes, integrating multimedia content like podcasts and videos, and leveraging social media platforms for wider reach.

Moreover, as the music industry becomes more saturated, the role of indie music blogs in curating and promoting independent artists becomes even more crucial. They will continue to be a vital platform for music discovery, artist promotion, and industry trends. The indie music blogosphere is here to stay, shaping the music industry one post at a time.

Conclusion: Supporting the Indie Music Scene

Indie music blogs are more than just platforms for music discovery. They are the lifeblood of the indie music scene, providing a voice for independent artists and fostering a community of music enthusiasts. By following these blogs, you are not only staying updated with the latest indie music trends but also supporting the indie music scene.

So, dive into the world of indie music with these blogs. Discover new artists, engage with the community, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of indie music. Your next favorite song might just be a blog post away.


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