Top 100 Ghana Songs

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As of now, the biggest song in Ghana, according to the Top 100 Ghana chart, is “Defe Defe” by Team Eternity Ghana. This song has captivated the nation, earning the top spot on the chart. Its widespread popularity is indicative of its strong appeal among listeners in Ghana, making it a standout track.

Here are more details on the top songs in Ghana right now:

  1. “Defe Defe” by Team Eternity Ghana: This track has surged in popularity, capturing the hearts of many with its compelling rhythm and lyrics, earning it the number one position on the chart.
  2. “Otan” by Sarkodie: Holding steady at the second position, this song by one of Ghana’s most celebrated artists, Sarkodie, continues to be a favorite among fans. Its staying power on the charts underscores its significant impact.
  3. “Aseda” by Nacee: Climbing to the third spot, “Aseda” is a powerful gospel track that resonates deeply with listeners, thanks to Nacee’s emotive delivery and inspiring message.
  4. “Vegetarian” by Femi Capless: This song has made a remarkable leap to the fourth position. Its unique theme and catchy tune have contributed to its rise in popularity.
  5. “Awoyo” by Kwaw Kese ft. Kofi Mole: Featuring Kofi Mole, this collaboration has secured the fifth spot on the chart. The synergy between the artists and the song’s infectious energy make it a standout.
  6. “Holy Ghost” by Omah Lay: Another hit from Omah Lay, “Holy Ghost” holds the sixth position. His distinctive style and the song’s captivating vibe have made it a favorite.
  7. “reason” by Omah Lay: Also by Omah Lay, this track sits at the seventh spot. Its thoughtful lyrics and smooth production have endeared it to many listeners.
  8. “Victory” by Joyce Blessing: At the eighth position, this inspirational song by Joyce Blessing continues to uplift and inspire, reflecting its enduring popularity.

Top 100 Ghana Songs

These songs highlight the diverse musical tastes in Ghana, ranging from gospel and hip-hop to unique thematic tracks, showcasing the rich tapestry of the nation’s music scene.


The information about the top songs in Ghana is sourced from Bloomplay Music, reflecting the latest trends and listener preferences in the Ghanaian music scene. Bloomplay Music is known for its comprehensive charts and detailed music analytics, making it a reliable source for the most popular tracks in Ghana.


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