Real Facts About Hajia 4Real’s $2M Scam

The recent scandal involving Hajia 4Real, also known as Mona Faiz Montrage, has shocked many. Here are the real facts about Hajia 4Real’s $2 million scam according to Bongo Ideas:

Used as a Middlewoman

Hajia 4Real was reportedly just a middlewoman in a larger online fraud scheme orchestrated by her team. Her role was crucial, but she was not the mastermind behind the operations. Instead, she was used by her team to facilitate the fraud.

Targeting Older American Men

The team behind the scam specifically targeted older American men. They capitalized on Hajia for Real’s charm, accent, and beauty to deceive their victims. Her allure played a significant role in convincing these men to part with their money.

Seductive Tactics

Hajia  for Real’s job was to seduce these older American individuals by sending them explicit pictures and videos. These seductive tactics were designed to build trust and create a sense of intimacy, making it easier for the victims to be defrauded.

Hajia 4Real’s $2M Scam
Hajia 4Real’s $2M Scam

Profit Sharing

Once the money was sent by the victims, Hajia for Real would take her 25% cut, while the bulk of the funds went to her team. This structured profit-sharing system ensured that everyone involved in the scam benefitted, but also kept Hajia 4Real deeply implicated in the operations.

Code of Silence

The guiding rule within this fraudulent operation was that no one would snitch after taking their share or even if they got caught. This code of silence was strictly enforced to protect the identities and operations of the team members.

Dubai Connections

A significant portion of the money Hajia 4Real made during this period came from her connections in Dubai. Sheikhs in Dubai reportedly paid as much as $200,000 for a session with her. If she traveled to Dubai five times and met with five different sheikhs, she could easily accumulate a substantial amount of money.

Overseas and Local Accounts

It is believed that Hajia 4Real has stashed a significant portion of her earnings in dummy accounts both overseas and in Ghana. These accounts would potentially allow her to repay the $2 million she scammed from her American victims without much difficulty.

Hajia Influential Team Members

Key members of her team allegedly included a popular Ghanaian musician, a politician, and an actor. This suggests that the scam was not just an isolated operation but had connections with influential figures in Ghanaian society.

Comparisons to Hushpuppi

Mona 4Real is being compared to Hushpuppi, a notorious Nigerian fraudster. Due to the magnitude of her crimes, she is expected to face lifelong sanctions and travel restrictions even after her release. This will severely limit her ability to move freely and continue her high-profile lifestyle.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Interestingly, Mona 4Real has reportedly mentored some of Ghana’s favorite female influencers and socialites. These protégés are believed to be prepared to continue the illegal trade unabated, ensuring that the fraudulent practices persist even if Hajia 4Real is unable to participate directly.


The $2 million scam involving Mona 4Real is a complex and well-orchestrated fraud scheme with deep connections and significant implications. While she played a central role as a middlewoman, the operation involved several influential individuals and had a wide-reaching impact. The consequences of her actions are likely to affect her for the rest of her life, but the legacy of her fraudulent activities may continue through those she has mentored.

FAQs about Mona 4Real

What did Mona 4Real do?

According to U.S. prosecutors, from at least 2013 through 2019, Mona 4Real was a member of a criminal enterprise based in West Africa that committed a series of frauds against individuals and businesses in the U.S., including romance scams.

How many years will Mona 4Real be in jail?

Mona 4Real faces up to 5 years in prison as she pleaded guilty to receiving fraud proceeds from a romance scam.

Has Mona 4Real pleaded guilty?

Yes, Mona 4Real has pleaded guilty to receiving fraud proceeds from a romance scam. Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced her guilty plea for her role in laundering the proceeds of a series of romance scams.


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