5 Best Album Covers in Ghana

Best Album Covers

I love turtlenecks. They add a touch of class to any outfit, making one stand out, and the darker, the classier. My obsession with turtlenecks began with a little story from my childhood. When I was 10, my buddy Wendy Cole gave me his dad’s cassette. It was an Elton John bootleg album called “The One.” Usually, I would just listen and return it, but something about the cover caught my eye. It featured Elton sitting on the floor in a two-piece suit with a black turtleneck. It was beautiful! That was the first album I bought with my savings, solely because of its well-directed photo cover.

Album covers may be trivial to some, who prioritize quality over aesthetics, never judging a book by its cover. However, for people like me, a stunning best album covers can be the reason to buy an album. To me, album covers tell a different story and set wonderful expectations for the listener. Sometimes, a captivating cover can give it a second chance even if the album is subpar.

For example, Elton John “Wonderful Crazy Night” had a simple yet striking cover that made me download it, and I was blown away by the music. Major labels invest millions to ensure an album’s success, including its cover art. Kwasi, a US-based Ghanaian artist, budgeted $10,000 just for his album cover. This investment underscores the importance of art in the music industry.

In Ghana, art is celebrated, especially during events like the Chale Wote festival in Accra. This got me thinking about art in music. Can artists create masterpieces through music? Can they invest time and resources into making one good project? While some Ghanaian artists don’t prioritize art, others do, and their efforts deserve recognition. Here are the 5 best album covers in Ghana, in no particular order.

1. Worlasi – NUSE (Strength Within)

This album cover is an all-time classic, thanks to Supreme Rights Records and Worlasi. The cover features Worlasi in dark attire, lounging in a chair, holding a captive’s chain with another Worlasi, topless in white trousers, sitting yoga style. This imagery signifies “the only thing holding you back is you.” His music focuses on self-liberation and independence. The ghetto blaster on the CRT television symbolizes how audio can dominate the visual. The minimalist yet symbolic cover makes NUSE one of the best in Ghana.

2. Jayso – Making Tasha Proud

Jayso is the most underrated artist from Africa. His debut album isn’t just for listening pleasure; it’s a soundtrack to life, dedicated to his fans. The album cover features a childhood picture of Jayso, the only black kid among white children, symbolizing his uniqueness. Jayso’s clean words and positive music stand out in a sea of sameness. The cover’s simplicity and Jayso’s laid-back, confident smile with a crown on his head make it a standout.

3. Dark Suburb – The Awakening EP

Dark Suburb, an afro-rock act from Ghana, brings a new wave of experimental music. Their album cover, featuring a burial ground with bones springing up while music notes play at midnight, captures their dark, awakening music. In a country dominated by afro-pop, Dark Suburb’s unique and melodious music stands out. Their cover effectively brands their music and makes a powerful statement.

4. Chase Forever – Unappreciated

Chase Forever’s album cover for “Unappreciated” reflects his journey through pain and frustration. Despite writing great songs and releasing classics, he feels sidelined. The cover’s colors convey love, blood, heightened emotions, and pressure. This album tells a story from Chase’s perspective, making it a critically acclaimed piece.

5. Sarkodie – Mary

Sarkodie, the most successful artist in Ghana, dedicated “Mary” to his grandmother. The cover features a childhood picture with minimal colors and few words, showcasing his family man side. This album, with its superb production and features, stands out as a minimalist’s perfect work. “Mary” is a testament to Sarkodie’s greatness and surpasses his previous works.

In conclusion, I urge upcoming and major stars to invest in good and best album covers. A great cover can entice listeners to buy and appreciate the music within. Simple photoshopping won’t cut it. Invest in a good graphic designer for both mixtapes and albums. Your cover might just be featured in the next list of top album covers in Ghana.

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